Changed to 09/14 - All Schools Emergency Bus Evacuation Drill (Inclement Weather 9/14) CHANGED: This event has been changed.

Be advised that Emergency Bus Evacuation Drills that were originally scheduled for Tuesday, Sept 13 th , are being postponed until Wednesday morning, September 14 th due to anticipated wet weather on Tuesday. Buses will perform an Evacuation Drill upon arrival at your school on Wednesday morning: * Drivers will brief students on emergency procedures and equipment upon arrival and ask a student to open the Emergency Door. * Students will then Sit and Slide out the emergency door. * The driver will remain inside the bus supervising students so we ask that school staff be stationed outside the buses and assist the students as they exit the bus. There should be no jumping out of the emergency door. * Middle school and Elementary school students will then Re-Enter the bus to retrieve backpacks and personal items and then exit the bus as normal. * This procedure may take extra time so some routes may encounter delays that morning.
Tuesday, September 13, 2022